I am not a morning person.

I can’t even really pretend to be.

I love my sleep.

I like taking my time to get out of bed in the morning. Usually the only thing to get me up on the weekends is a growling stomach in need of food.

That’s because on a regular day my first alarm goes off at 4am. The last one at 4:30am. And by 6:15 I’ve been to the gym, worked out and drank my breakfast (that all important protein shake-and don’t worry…I eat real food, too…like every 2 hours…what can I say???)

All that to say this: by 8am on Saturday I’m starving because my body thinks it’s already missed a meal and a snack.

What does that have to do with accountability?


You see, the only reason I’m inspired to drag my butt out of bed at that ungodly hour on a regular basis is my husband.

He inspires me & holds me accountable.

He IS a morning person. He gets right out of bed and starts getting ready for his day. When I don’t want to get up and go, he tells me how I’ll regret it later. That surely I won’t want to go to the gym after work when I’m already tired and then deal with a crowded and smelly gym. He reminds me that I have goals in mind. Not for a perfect pant size, but for health and longevity. He reminds me how lethargic and gross I feel when I allow myself to be lured into laziness.

Then when I get up, go & finish my morning routine he tells me how proud he is that I pushed myself.

We all need someone in our life to do just that; in every area of our lives.

We all need at least one wise & trustworthy person that we allow completely into our lives and into our craziness to question us and push us and never let us settle.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”
“What good will come out of that situation?”
“If you say exactly what you’re thinking, will that really be productive?”
“That may be the easiest decision, but is it really the best one?”
“Let’s do pros/cons – best/worst case scenario”

We need people that will cheer us on when we feel weak and come along side us and help us through.

We need people that will call us out when we’re veering off track.

We need people that will tell us the truth even when it hurts.

We need people that challenge us and inspire us to be better.

We need people along side us who celebrate our victories with genuine happiness.

That was just a long way of saying:

we can’t do this life alone.

We can try.

We WILL fail miserably.

I don’t like asking for help or admitting weakness. I’d rather just be the martyr (gag! Such an ugly trait!!!) that does it all on my own (or tries at least), the whole time thinking, “woe-is-me” until someone offers their help- to which I will say, “no, I’ve got this!” Call crazy town because apparently I’m their village idiot and I’ve gone missing.

What is wrong with me?
Why can’t I just admit I can’t do it all?
Why can’t I just accept help graciously with a,
“Thank you! Here’s how you can best help me.”

Slowly (through painful lessons) I have learned to allow a few people in to my weird little world. People I trust and admire. People who’s lives are going somewhere I wouldn’t mind going, and I let them help me and impart their wisdom-even when it sucks! And believe me, sometimes it does nothing but suck!

One of those wise people once told me,
“Have 2 people, and 2 people ONLY who know your business. That way if you ever hear your business being spread you can line them both up and just ask which one has a big mouth!”

And those are the people we have to be honest with. We have to let down our walls and facades and mostly our pride to let them see the good, bad, ugly and uglier if we ever want to grow as individuals.

Those are the ones we tell when we are struggling with doing the right thing, when we are angry or hurting or sad. Or when we have new goals and dreams. And they can cover those goals and dreams in prayer with you and keep checking in to make sure you’re still heading in the right direction. The ones we tell when there is a victory in our lives.

They may even have to tell us when-while valid & wonderful-sometimes it’s not the right season to work on all of our dreams. The timing is off on things we want and maybe those things need to be put on hold while we work through other things first. But they will tell us that with kindness and love and help us figure out the steps we need to take to get where we want & need to be.

Even Jesus had a small group of 12 – and he had even fewer in his inner circle. The most faithful in whom he confided things and had pray for him in specific ways.

If Jesus needed accountability, what makes us think we are above that?!?

We have to kill our pride if we ever want success.

Nothing good ever came from someone trying to do everything on their own. It brings exhaustion and burn out and bitterness and disillusionment.

It is our duty as brothers and sisters in Christ to hold one another up and help inspire growth lovingly.

Be encouraged to reach out to someone in your life for accountability. If you don’t have anyone you can think of, pray for God to bring someone into your life. Pray for wisdom so that YOU may be that person for someone else.

“As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭27:17‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Be accountable, hold someone accountable & do the best you possibly can with both.