Have you ever wanted something so bad it’s all you can think about?
Everything in your life starts to revolve around that ONE THING you want?
Maybe it’s a dream, a passion, a person or a goal. 
What are you doing to get there? 
Do you have a plan?
Have you even started?
Did you give up?
When I was 14 and a freshman in high school, I grew 6 inches in one school year. Not year, school year. 
I would wake up in the night with leg cramps that felt crippling. 
Sometimes it was only one leg, most of the time it would be both, but they would make me cry and my mom would come in during the night and rub them for me. They would be so intense that my legs would be sore for days afterwards. 
Growing pains. 
They suck. 
But they’re for a purpose. They’re getting you where you need to go. 
It’s like that in life, too. 
Sometimes getting where we need to go hurts and it’s unpleasant and makes us want to quit. 
It’s all about pushing through the pain and hurt and fatigue until there’s a breakthrough. 
I equate a lot of things in my life to working out…especially spiritual things. Our spirit is like a muscle that we constantly have to work out and stretch. 

 And as I previously mentioned, I just started back on my journey towards health and physical fitness. 
I’m not gonna lie to you, it hurts. 

I’ve wanted to quit so many times. 
I HAVE quit so many times. That’s why I’m starting over…yet again! 
I want overnight results. I want to be where I was 2 years ago in a month. And it’s not realistic, it’s not fair to myself. 
It takes time. 

And pain. 

And discipline. 

And dedication. 
Words that aren’t a fun part of the vocabulary.
When I first started to workout a few years ago, I would quit when I got tired and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Then someone told me I had to push past the pain. 
“Go until you can’t anymore. Keep pushing. Then you’ll get this crazy burst of energy and you’ll feel so good!”
Sounded crazy to me…but it was worth a try. 
And it worked. 
I was on a treadmill. I was gasping for air, my back was sweaty, my hair was stuck to my face, my throat was on fire. 
It was the point I normally would have quit. 
I kept going.
2 minutes later (longest 2 minutes of my life, btw) I had my stride back, I felt a push of energy. I felt like I could jog forever. I even increased the difficulty and speed. 
I had finally found my runners high. 
Once i knew what I was capable of doing, I began pushing myself harder. Trying to beat my personal bests. I learned that being sore the next day was a victory and the greatest cure was to go back and do it all over again. 
I started seeing results. 
That’s when things started to click in my mind about dreams and goals and my walk with God. 
It was the same concept. 
I found out I had always been a quitter. 
At the first sign of resistance In those areas of my life, I would fold and stop trying. I would stop pushing myself. I would lie to myself and say it was because it was a sign that it wasn’t the right thing for me. That God was trying to tell me no – oh how we love to make excuses by blaming him, don’t we?
I began to write down goals. 
Then I began to write down the steps I needed to take to reach those goals. 
Baby steps. 
Sometimes it was something to do everyday, sometimes a timeline of months, even years. But it was something tangible to work for. 
I began to keep going even when it was hard. I kept going even when there was a push back. I kept going when there was a plateau, knowing that a victory would be just around the corner. 
I would look back and see how far I’d come and determine not to go back again. 
And there are days…even months when I fail repeatedly. 
Oops! I had a cookie for breakfast, might as well have pizza for lunch and candy for dinner…screwed up today, might as well be naughty for the rest of the week and start again on Monday!
Please tell me I’m not alone!
Oops…shouldn’t be hanging out with this person, but I’m here so I may as well indulge my sinful side while I’m here. 
Shouldn’t have said that to that person, but I already did, may as well say what’s really on my mind and get all this gossip out now. 

Shouldn’t have had that drink, shouldn’t have overreacted, shouldn’t be hanging out in this environment, shouldn’t act this way at work, shouldn’t be so friendly with that person I’m not married to…the list keeps going and we keep excusing until we’re so far away from our goals and dreams that we are starting at the bottom AGAIN!!!
Did you just screw up? Own it. Acknowledge it. Use it as a catapult to do the right thing the next time you’re faced with a choice. 
Everything isn’t undone when we make a mistake. 
It’s a lesson. A growing pain. A chance to be someone else’s motivation. A chance to be your own motivation. 
You see, now my body is in a place that I don’t feel well when I’m not treating it right. 
My spirit is in a place that doesn’t feel well when I’m not feeding it with worship and devotion. 
My life doesn’t feel well when I’m without focus and goals. 
What do you want?
How are you going to get there?
What is standing in your way?
And don’t say time. We make time for the things we love and are passionate about. 
It’s a choice. 
What will you choose?
My brother sent me this video a while back…this is the short version. And the best motivational video I’ve seen in a while. 
Let it speak to you in whatever areas of your life you need it. 
“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!”