I was alone a lot this past week. I mean, a LOT!!! 
I had three days off work. 
All my kids were gone. 
Marcos had work.
I was home. 
All. By. My. Self. 
It was a little bit glorious at first…I was really wishing Marcos had a day off by the second day. (Haha)
But for the most part, I could eat whenever and whatever I wanted, watch whatever i wanted, read if I felt like it, and there was no one there to interrupt. 
And I didn’t feel guilty for ignoring anyone. 
I was all alone.
I guess for some people, the thought of that drives them nuts. They love to be on the move, going from one social event to the next. 
That’s not me. 
I love having people in my home. I love hanging out with other people. I even like having friends. 
But I really love recharging and having some alone time. 
I guess the technical term is introvert. 
I crave time alone with my thoughts. 
Not everyday. 
Not even every week.
Just every now and then. 
I have an amazing job that I love working in my Aunt’s café inside the courthouse. I love interacting with all different people from all walks of life. I love that we cater mostly to regulars and we know their order when they walk through the door and recognize their voice on the phone when they call. 
I love it. 
I love that in a building filled with craziness and sadness we are the bright spot for many people throughout the day. They can come and take a break from work and life and relax with a cookie and a hot cup of coffee and connect with their friends. I love that it’s constantly filled with laughter and conversation.  
I love that we are all a “family” we can laugh and tease and have a great time; we can also rejoice and share sorrow throughout life’s crazy circumstances.
But I also love when I lock the doors in the afternoon and I finish my work in silence. I can regroup, refresh and recharge. 
Last week I was not a pleasant person at work. It had been over a year since I had a day off that I asked for. I was running on empty.
The people that normally bring me joy were irritating the bejesus right out of me.
I was tapped out.
I needed to be alone.
Alone time is good. 
Being alone with our thoughts is good. 
Having time to reflect is good. 
Having time to rest is very good. 
Sometimes I feel like we are all in some kind of a sick and twisted competition to see who can have the busiest schedule, be the most strung-out on life and have the least amount of time to relax. As if relaxing is a bad thing.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning laziness. That’s not OK either. And too much time on our hands always proves to be a bad thing in the end. ALWAYS!
Our bodies, our minds and our spirits aren’t meant to be running at full-speed 24/7.
It’s a proven fact that you are less productive working 7 days per week than if you were working 6. If you workout 7 days per week, you are doing your body more harm than good. You need time for your body to recover. You were made for rest.  
Even God rested on the 7th day.
Sabbath Day is one of the commandments.
Jesus took time away, too.
He took time away to pray alone and hear from God…if the very son of God needed time away, doesn’t that speak to you in some way? Shouldn’t it be OK for you to take time away and pray, too?
He took time away to rest…remember that story when he slept like a baby in the boat while the disciples freaked out because of the storm? It’s OK for you to take time away to rest, too.
Time and time again in the Bible Jesus would leave the crowds to be alone, and always, always, always the disciples would disturb him for some reason. I know Jesus was perfect, and I bet even HE was thinking, “Oh, you guys, come ON!!! Gimme a break and at least try to figure this out…I did bless you with common sense! Let me take a nap already!!!!”
We were created to rest.
We are at our best when we rest.
Stop feeling guilty for taking an hour out of your day to do what you want, even if it’s nothing at all. Start MAKING time in your day to spend time with God and let him replenish everything you’re pouring out.
Today I went back to work. I was happy, I was refreshed, I was pleasant.
Thank you Jesus for showing us that it’s OK to take time away from life and just be.
We are all better humans for it.