Sometimes I just like being silly and I NEVER like taking myself too seriously.  I think things in life are funny. 

I laugh at things I probably shouldn’t, I have the sense of humor of a little kid sometimes.  I think life is more funny than irritating and I think some of the “religious” things we do at church are funny. 

And I think if we’re all honest with ourselves, if we looked at things through the eyes of someone who had never been in church, some of the stuff we do IS funny.

I think that all of us in the church – as a whole – take ourselves way too seriously.

Just look at the movie Saved.

Do I agree with everything in the movie? No

Do I think a lot of it is funny?  Yup!

And here is why:

If we look at what is shown on TV and all the “religious” weirdos that speak out about their so-called faith and how so many people are really “in your face” with their beliefs, and we are 100% honest, we would be able to say that that particular movie is not far off on how the “world” views the “church”

And, since this blog started really turning into a journal of my spiritual journey, I’ve had a few emails asking what I believe.  I was raised in the Assemblies of God and attend a church that is affiliated with both the Assemblies and Praise Chapel and if you want to know the exact beliefs and tenants of faith, click here.

And now, I’m about to really get myself into trouble.

Some things that I DO and DON’T believe: (personally)

*I believe church should be fun.
*I believe church should be life-changing.
*I believe church should be challenging.
*I believe as fellow believers in Christ, we should challenge one another.
*I let the things I do and don’t do and the things I say and don’t say speak for   themselves.
*I don’t believe in preaching to everyone I meet.  I am who I am and believe that my life speaks for itself, and as people begin to ask me questions about my life and my faith, I share openly and without shame, but I don’t wear a big button that says “SAVED” or a huge gold cross or even carry a gigantic Bible to advertise my faith.
*I believe that we need to calm down as Christians and be able to laugh at ourselves.  Let’s face it, we take ourselves way too seriously, and some stuff is just FUNNY!!!  But, I’ve always pushed the envelope of what’s funny and what isn’t.
*I don’t argue at all with people that have different beliefs and I firmly believe that it’s a waste of time.  If they ask valid questions, I will answer them, but will not waste time and energy going round and round in circles with someone that just wants a fight-it’s the reason I hate politics and I refuse to participate in that.
*I believe that the Bible is 100% God’s word and every word in it is true.  It is a map of how we should live our lives and every issue we face and struggle with has an answer that can be found in the Word of God.
*I do not believe that the Bible should be shoved down peoples’ throats and used to control them.
*I believe in outreach and sharing Christ’s love in practical ways.  Asking if they need prayer, inviting them to church, giving food to the hungry, etc… I do not believe in street preaching.  ( I know, this will really get me in trouble)  I don’t see the value or anything positive coming from it at all.  I don’t think anyone wants to get yelled at about their need for Jesus. 
This very thing happened to me the other day and I did not enjoy myself.  This lady told me (as they were screaming at people using a bull-horn…super classy!) that Jesus told her to tell me I don’t have to keep living in my sin, that I could have a full life in Him and give my life to Him.  I guess her Jesus antenna was a bit off that day…I threw the flier away and would never visit that church based on that experience.  I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone that had NEVER heard of Jesus’ love getting that got saved this way.  I HAVE met many people that were turned-off by such behavior, however.
*I don’t believe in Christian protests when they make people feel horrible about themselves and I personally don’t believe that Jesus, if he were walking the earth today, would participate in those either.  I don’t believe it is loving, nor do I believe that it accomplishes anything except turning people away from Christ.
*I DO NOT believe that Christians should sit quietly and let the world get worse and worse.  If I’m in the middle of a conversation with someone and fully don’t agree with what they’re saying, I will speak up and not back down, but I am learning to do that in love.  I know the last 2 points seem to cancel each other out, I just really believe in balance.  Standing up for what is right without alienating people.  It’s a hard balance to find.
*I believe that many of the rebukes Jesus made in the Bible were directly at the “religious” and we should pay attention to those and really study how he treated unbelievers.
*I believe we have to find a balance between realizing that the world is going downhill and DOES need Jesus and still showing love and not turning people away with our words and actions. (this is a great place to point out that some people will be offended no matter how much love we show or how kindly we speak, so let the chips fall where they may)
*I believe in a personal relationship with Jesus and talk to Him every day.
*I believe that every Christian should be reading and studying their Bible every day and looking for lessons of how to live.
*I believe Christians should be the most joyful and fun people the world will ever meet.
*I believe that we are to LOVE others to bring them to Christ, and not worry so much about the little things once someone gives their life to Christ.  We should point things out in love, but then move out of the way and let Jesus do the rest through revelation and conviction of the Holy Spirit.
*I believe in the healing power of Jesus through His death on the cross. 
*I believe in the power of prayer and that every Christian should spend time in prayer daily
*I believe that sometimes when we pray, we need to SHUT UP and listen.
*I believe in being filled with the Holy Spirit for power to walk out the direction given to us in the Bible.
*I believe in questioning things that I don’t understand.
*I believe in praying for my leaders and trusting their direction.
*I believe in forgiveness of my sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus.
*I believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven and no ONE denomination has everything right.
*I believe that people would come running to Christ if we as the church stopped being so judgmental.
*I believe that when people have been saved for a long time and know better than to do the things they are doing, we as fellow believers need to call them out in love and again, move out of the way once we’ve said our piece.
*I believe the church as a whole has been silent too long on many issues and have lost their voice in society and now are being called “intolerant” and “judgmental” because we are coming across harshly. 
*I do not believe that the church should stand idly by while the world allows more and more things that are purely evil to become mainstream, but I do believe that we need to revisit how Jesus handled opposition and unbelief.
*I don’t believe that Jesus cares about things that we make into a really big deal, like if your church calls your Halloween fair, well, Halloween or Harvest Festival.  I don’t think the devil is automatically invited if we call it Halloween, um, that’s the name of the holiday. (Pagan holiday, yes, but so is Easter and Christmas-UGH!  Don’t even get me started on that can of worms)
*I don’t think you need to pray about every little thing, like what you should have for lunch or what color of shirt you should wear to church.
*I don’t believe that Jesus cares if you wear a suit and tie, a dress or shorts and flip flops to church, I think He just wants you to show up and get refreshed and be around other people to lift you up and encourage you.
*I believe that Jesus has a great sense of humor and wants us to all just lighten up a bit.
*I believe that us church-folks need to have more patience and love for one another.

So, there you have it, a list of some of my beliefs.

You may or may not agree with me, and that’s OK.

I am just tired of the pious attitude in the church that we are the only right ones and we know everything and everyone else is wrong.

I’m tired of people being boring and serious and overly-spiritual to the point that they are really of no earthly good anymore. 

I think we need to have more patience and grace with one another.

We are all learning, we are all growing and turning into what God wants us to be and we will all make mistakes along the way.

So, that’s what I believe, take it or leave it, but I’ve attached one video here that’s funny and will help you understand more of what I’m talking about.

I’ve also attached a song here that perfectly says what I was trying to say and they say it better.

I probably should have just posted the song and the video and been done with it, but, hey, you live and learn.