So, the weekend is approaching quickly and here are the 2 words that have been roaming around in my head all day:

 Sick and Tired

 Of it all.

 I’m sick of trying to make people feel better about the obvious sin they are choosing.

I’m tired of trying to sugar-coat the reality of their choices.

I’m sick of helping people pick up the pieces of their lives after their choices lead them to heartbreak and sadness.

I’m tired of text messages and phone calls from people that “used to be” fired up about God and living out holiness.

I’m sick of not calling people out on their choices when they KNOW better.

I’m tired of watching people walk straight into the arms of death and staying quiet because I might offend them.

I’m sick of calling sin a “mistake” and a “struggle” maybe if we call it what it is, people will be less inclined to, you know, SIN!

I’m tired of people seeing areas of my life that need attention and gossiping-call me OUT-by all means, let me know what you see in my life.

I’m sick of not sharing our failures and victories for fear of being judged or labeled.

I’m tired of not encouraging those who are trying so hard!

I’m sick of making excuses for:

  • Myself
  • Others
  • The world
  • The church

If we just lived out the Great Commission, so much of what we face would disappear.

Let us learn to lift one another in prayer and with our words and speak life into each other.

Let’s begin to impart the things of God in one another.

Let’s begin producing the fruit of the spirit and focusing on that daily.

Let’s get in intimate communication with God by reading and praying and LISTENING

Let’s help each other up when we fall.

Let’s hold each other’s hands while we walk through the valleys

Let’s celebrate together when one of us reaches the mountaintop.

Let’s begin living out the gospel as Jesus meant for it to be lived.

Let’s begin to speak to one another in love.

Let’s begin to show God’s grace and mercy.

Let’s live out the worship that we act out on Sunday.

So, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this weekend, let’s check our hearts, attitudes, actions and words. 

Let us be the walking image of Christ and his unfailing love, but let us not mistake mercy for silence when those around us are on the edge of destruction. 

True love is speaking the truth, even when it hurts and doing so with kindness and compassion.

Something great that made me check my heart, that I thought everyone could enjoy and think about over the weekend.  Special thanks to my brother, Stephen for showing it to me.

Click here to give it a listen and if it’s offensive, I’m only a little bit sorry, as long as it makes you think, then I’m proud of what I’ve posted today.