I know that my life is not like everyone else’s.

I know many people that have had horrible/non-existent dad’s/fathers in their lives.

My heart does hurt for them and it makes me feel bad when I say this:

I’ve never struggled with the idea of a heavenly father that loves me unconditionally and wants the best for me at all times.

I’ve had an earthly example my whole life.

My dad rocks!

He is funny(most of the time) he is encouraging(all the time) he is loving(even when I’m unlovable) he believes the best in me(when I have no confidence in myself) he corrects me(even when I’m positive I need no correction) he taught me of a God in heaven who loves me a million times more than even HE could ever love me.

I know at times I’ve made my dad sad, angry, frustrated and probably more often than not, left him completely baffled and at a loss…when you have a dramatic child that speaks her mind no matter who’s around, that tends to happen.

I also know I’ve brought him joy, I’ve made him proud, made him laugh and made him cry- in a good way – but, if you know my dad, that’s not much of an accomplishment.  He’s a crier, that one! (Love you dad!!)

He has loved me enough to let me be myself and make my own choices.  He has loved me enough to walk me through the consequences of my bad choices without ever condemning me or saying, “I told you so!”

On the worst day of my life, feeling like the hugest failure and like an embarrassment to him, I will never forget standing in the back of the sanctuary at church and not wanting to even look him in the eye and he hugged me and said the greatest thing he’s ever said to me,

“You are my daughter and I love you more than anything.  You were my daughter before I was a Pastor, you will be my daughter long after I’m no longer the Pastor of this church and I will always be proud of you and defend you.”

If my dad here on this earth could love me so much that my greatest failure still didn’t make him stop loving me, how much more could the God who created me love me?

There were times in my life that I thought my dad was unreasonable or unfair, but what I really just didn’t understand was that he was older and way, way, way wiser than I was and he could see the big picture sometimes that I couldn’t see.  His “rules” were really just boundaries for my own protection.  Sometimes those boundaries protected me physically, sometimes emotionally, but always they protected me.

And, it’s the same way with God.  When our prayers aren’t answered “our way” we get a bit of that righteous indignation going and begin to question Him, instead of just understanding that God sees the WHOLE picture, and sometimes when He says no, it’s for our own good!  It’s His way of protecting us as His children.  And we can just rest in knowing that He has a whole plan that will bring Him glory in the end.

One of my favorite versions of Jeremiah 29:11 is in The Message.  It says:

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.


Even if you don’t have a dad here on earth like mine, you can be 100% certain of the fact that we have the same Father in Heaven that loves us and wants the best for us at all times and in every situation.


So trust Him.


As this Father’s Day weekend wraps up, just know that God loves you right where you are, but He wants the best for you and He won’t allow you to stay right where you are.  He expects honor and obedience from you.


I have been so incredibly blessed to have the dad that I have.  And now, I’m married to a man who loves my kids that same way that my dad loved me.


He is loving and strict and fun and silly and loves nothing more than spending time with his kids and getting to know them and letting them get to know him. 


Just like God.


And I am blessed to have a Father-In-Law who loves my husband and even me, the same way.


Our kids are blessed to have a daddy that thinks the world of them and is such a godly example on a daily basis and 2 grandpas that are working alongside us to instill the love of God in them as well.


This is a pretty good life.