So, I dried my eyes and feeling peaceful, knew that God had a plan and that everything was going to be fantastic.

And then things got worse.

We were months behind on our rent and our landlord had been so patient, but couldn’t wait any longer.  We were waiting for our tax return that had been held up and it was literally 6-12 weeks from coming in.  We were driving 36 miles round trip to the church everyday to get ready for conference and gas prices were (are) ridiculous.

We had 2 choices, pay the rent or move out. 

And there was no money to pay the rent.

There was no money to get into a new place.

There was no money to put our things in storage.

Heck, there was no money for groceries.

It meant changing schools for the kids.

It meant not knowing from one day to the next what was going to happen.

Sometimes it meant one hour to the next, not knowing if things really were going to work out.


In every sense of the word.

And things at work were just getting worse.

And there were no prospects in sight for a new job.

If you’ve never had money problems, this probably doesn’t seem like much, but if you have, you know that there is no stress like worrying where your next meal for your kids is coming from.  They say everyone is one paycheck away from being homeless and I’ve never felt so close to being that way before.

Moving in with parents was not an option, they both live in 2 bedroom places and both bedrooms are occupied.

It was feeling hopeless.

And then Marcos on a whim decided to speak with one of the Pastor’s at our church.  I don’t even know why, he probably doesn’t even know why.  We are both very private and even our best friends had no idea what was going on in our lives. 

And everything started to shift. 

It was nothing tangible or physical that we could see, but we could both feel it. 

Change was coming. 

Everything was about to change.


The same week that Marcos spoke with Pastor John, was conference week at our church.  Conference had been planned for over a year and the theme was Bootcamp.  About preparing yourself for battle and knowing how to fight.  About finding your battlecry and learning to be victorious. 

 Marcos and I sat in each service, feeling more and more encouraged, and then in the Friday morning session, Pastor Diana McKinnis spoke so openly about the struggles her and her family went through and what it’s like to feel like you just want to give up.  I’m pretty sure I was the first one at the altar, tears streaming down my face. 

I didn’t want to give up.

I wanted to keep pushing forward.

I wanted to have that peace that everything was going to be OK and keep that feeling after I left my time of prayer.

And then Friday night…Oh, Lordy, Friday night!!!

And then Saturday…whew…I just gave up wearing makeup to church, it was proving to be pointless and a waste of time.

It was as if every speaker was in my journal, reading my thoughts and struggles and prayers…I sat through every service and couldn’t stop crying…but it was that good, cleanse the soul kind of cry. 

A refreshing cry.

And then Sunday.

Pastor Silas preached  a message called, “I’m saying Mayday, but my heyday is coming!”

I’m usually not a fan of rhyming in sermon titles, but this one got my attention.

He went on to describe how Mayday is a universal distress signal that your ship or boat or plane is going down and there is nothing you can do to save yourself, and that sometimes in life we are in a Mayday situation.

Ummm, yes, we were in a Mayday situation for sure.

He spoke of Job and Jonah and all of these Old Testament men in the Bible that got themselves into mayday situations that only God could fix and how God didn’t just deliver them, he delivered them in style above and beyond anything they could imagine.

And then he said, “And God wants to do the same for you!”

God cannot and will not ignore our Mayday cry to Him, and He will bring you into a heyday that the world will take notice of!  He will be glorified in saving us from our situations.

I’ve never seen the altars more flooded with people.

I go to a Bible believing, full of faith church.

I have watched people literally be healed from stage 4 cancer, diseases that the Doctor’s told them there was no hope.  My own husband’s back was miraculously, doctor confirmed healed and his leg actually grew to be even with his other leg and his back problems have disappeared.

I believe for physical and spiritual and mental healings and healing in people’s hearts, but somewhere along the way, I didn’t believe that my financial issues meant that much to God.

But, we went to that altar.  Actually, truth be told, we ran to that altar and cried out to god for a miracle and walked away saying, “It’s done!  My God has worked a miracle.”

And I believed it with everything in me.

And Monday morning, those doubts started to creep into my mind

And Monday morning, I got down on my knees and prayed to God for the faith I had at that altar and pushed all doubt out of my mind.  And every time that doubt started to creep in, I prayed that same prayer of faith again.

And again.

And again.

And do you know what God did in our lives?

A miracle.

Pastor John hooked us up with a gal at our church that works for a program that helps families in need.  A long story short, we were one day away from moving out of our house, into a 2 bedroom apartment at the family shelter for 3 months to get back on our feet again.

Humbling?  Absolutely, but we had prayed, “whatever it takes!” And we had to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Literally the day we were going to the family shelter to sign the paperwork, she called and told us we MAY be eligible for this other program that would allow us to stay in our house.  She told us to skip signing the paperwork and go for this other program. We had a 50/50 chance at qualifying.

I freaked out.

I freaked out in that totally dramatic, crying girl way.

What if it doesn’t work out and then we lose our chance at the other place and it doesn’t make sense and why would we do that what’s the difference if we can’t afford the rent again by next month?

And I said it all just like that in one breathy run-on sentence.

And my level-headed husband said, “Well, it’s 50% more of a chance than God needs and we prayed that God would direct us and we would trust whatever they told us to do.

So, we went to the appointment.

And we were approved.

Get this:

They paid all of our back rent, plus 2 months moving forward to allow us to get back on our feet again.

Does that ever happen?

With God it does.

And then the next day, our full tax return showed up in our bank account early. 6-12 weeks early.

And then, I got offered a part-time job bringing home more money than I’ve brought home in years.

Literally, all in the same week this happened.

God truly turned our MAYDAY call of distress into a HEYDAY for His glory.

It reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah 43: 1-3

“Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you.
    I have called you by name; you are mine.
When you go through deep waters,
    I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression,
    you will not be burned up;
    the flames will not consume you.
For I am the Lord, your God,
    the Holy One of Israel, your Savior

We did not drown.

 We were not burned.

 We were not alone.