8 years ago today I married my very best friend that I’ve ever had.

We pretty much look like complete opposites.  In a lot of ways we are, but in so many ways we are completely made for each other.

After only 8 years, I’m pretty sure we’re morphing into the same person.  We say the same thing.  We laugh at the same stuff.  We even tweet/facebook the same updates.  The other day I updated my FB status, he’s not on FB and not 12 hours later, he tweeted almost the exact same thing word for word. 

Really?  How bizzarrrrro is that? 

Honestly, it’s the stuff Sci-Fi movies are made of.  Am I right? 

Can you imagine how strangely alike we will be 20, 30 or 40 years from now?

We got married after being engaged for 2 whole weeks.  2 endless weeks of planning and phone calls and…just kidding…we didn’t plan a thing. 

We called City Hall to see what dates were available, discussed it for about 3 minutes, chose a day, told our families that it would just be the 2 of us and then it began to grow. 

“We should invite our parents, we should have our kids there, my brother wants to go, then we should invite your sister, she can bring her kids, gramma wants to come…”

See?  This is how things get out of control. 

We both come from large families and having neither the money, time nor the desire to plan a large church wedding, we did the low-key downtown wedding. 

It started as just the 2 of us and grew to just the18 of us in 5 minutes flat.  A church wedding?  It would have been out of control.

 It was awesome. 


I wore my Easter dress that my Great-Gramma bought me, he wore some slacks and button-down shirt.  We said, “I do,” and 15 minutes later we were officially Mr. and Mrs. Velasquez. 

We all went to lunch after at The Macaroni Grill.  We laughed and talked and said, “I can’t believe we’re married!” Every. Five. Seconds.

That night, his cousin whom I adore (I love you Ofelia!!!!) planned a dessert reception for us that our family and friends were invited to. 

It was a perfect day of no stress!  And truly, we are just as married as people that spend billions of dollars and stress out for 18 months planning the perfect wedding.

I loved it.

I love him.

I love being married to him.

I love waking up next to him.

I love falling asleep next to him.

I love sitting on the couch next to him and watching How I Met Your Mother.

I love sitting across the room from him playing Draw Something with him.

I love talking to him.

I love texting him every random thought I have throughout the day. (Thank God for unlimited texting.)

I love calling him and hearing his voice.

I love coming home to him after work.

I love laughing with him.  And we laugh a whole lot.

I love telling him every single boring detail of my day.

I love how interested he looks throughout the entire play-by-play of my day.

I love how he taught me to laugh at myself.

I love how he taught me to not care what anyone else thinks.

I love how he taught me to pursue God with everything in me.

I love how much he loves me.

I love that he brought the 2 greatest boys ever into my life by allowing me to be Devante’s mom and giving me Malachi.

I love watching him be a dad to all 4 of our kids. 

I love the example he is to Julianna and Danielle of a godly man and how they should be treated when they get older.

I love the example he is to Malachi and Devante of how they should be the head of their home someday.

I love that he’s a living, breathing example of Jesus to me on a daily basis.


Thank you for loving me…here’s to 80 more years!